Capturing Life's Moments with Castaldo Studio

From weddings to family portraits, Castaldo Studio’s photography captures life’s most precious moments with skill and artistry.

Capturing Life's Moments with Castaldo Studio

From weddings to family portraits, Castaldo Studio’s photography captures life’s most precious moments with skill and artistry.


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In this delightful photograph taken by Castaldo Studio in Orlando, FL, a couple shares a heartwarming moment with their furry friend. With smiles on their faces, they pose together, radiating love and happiness. Their beloved dog joins in the frame, adding an extra touch of charm and playfulness to the scene. Castaldo Studio expertly captures the love and bond between this couple and their canine companion, creating a treasured memory that will be cherished for years to come.

What we do

Castaldo Studio is a full-service wedding photography company in Orlando, Florida.  From the pre-ceremony preparations to the reception celebrations, we’ll be there to document every moment of your love story.


Capture Your Big Day with Help From Castaldo Studio

This split photo by Castaldo Studio captures two intimate and romantic moments between a bride and groom. In the first frame, the groom gazes affectionately at his bride, who holds onto his arm, exuding elegance and tenderness. In the second frame, the couple embraces each other with their foreheads touching during a heartfelt dance. Their connection is palpable, as they share a moment of pure love and closeness. These captivating moments beautifully showcase the deep bond and romance between the couple on their special day

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A captivating photograph by Castaldo Studio, showcasing a beaming bride adorned in exquisite traditional Indian wedding attire, embracing her husband. The bride's vibrant and ornate ensemble, along with her radiant smile, beautifully capture the essence of joy and cultural celebration. This picture exudes the rich traditions and the blissful union of the couple on their special day.
In this captivating photograph captured by Castaldo Studio, a couple stands embraced in a beautiful garden. Surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery, their love blooms like the vibrant petals around them. The gentle touch and genuine affection between them is evident as they share a heartfelt embrace. The serene ambiance of the garden adds to the romantic atmosphere, making this moment truly enchanting. Castaldo Studio expertly captures the tenderness and intimacy of this couple's connection, immortalizing their love in this stunning image.
In this captivating photograph by Castaldo Studio, an Indian couple dressed in traditional attire shares an intimate moment. The groom lovingly whispers into his bride's ear, their faces illuminated with joy and affection. The intricate details of their attire and the rich cultural elements add a touch of elegance to the scene. Castaldo Studio expertly captures the tenderness and romance between the couple, creating a truly mesmerizing image. The photo beautifully encapsulates the beauty of their love and the richness of their cultural heritage
In this stunning black and white photograph captured by Castaldo Studio, a groom passionately holds his bride's face as they lean in for a kiss. The timeless beauty of black and white enhances the intensity of the moment, highlighting their deep connection and overflowing love. The groom's tender grasp and the bride's blissful expression radiate with passion and devotion. This captivating image immortalizes the romantic essence of their special day, capturing the profound bond shared between the couple in a single, unforgettable moment.
This enchanting photograph by Castaldo Studio features a couple in a heartfelt embrace, sharing a tender kiss while raising their glasses in celebration. Bathed in the perfect lighting, their love shines through as they clink their custom glasses. The attention to detail, from their genuine smiles to the delicate play of light, showcases Castaldo Studio's expertise in capturing intimate moments. The image exudes romance and happiness, a testament to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. Cheers to love and cherished memories beautifully preserved by Castaldo Studio.
A joyful couple standing in front of a classic car, ready to embark on their journey as husband and wife. This beautiful moment, captured by Castaldo Studio, symbolizes the beginning of their happily ever after. With beaming smiles and excitement in their eyes, they are about to ride off into the sunset, starting a new chapter of their lives together

Wedding Photography Made Easy

With years of experience, we specialize in capturing beautiful and timeless photos of your special day.

Our team of talented photographers knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

This breathtaking photo by Castaldo Studio features a couple standing together, looking directly at the camera, as the golden rays of the sunset surround them with a warm glow. The perfect lighting accentuates their radiant smiles and showcases the natural beauty of the scene. Against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset, the couple's love shines brightly, symbolizing the beginning of their journey together. This captivating moment captures the essence of their wedding day, filled with joy, romance, and the promise of a lifetime of happiness


How long does it take to receive the wedding photos and video?

Our typical turnaround time for photography  is 4-12 weeks, it could be much sooner, but it may vary depending on the package you choose and the complexity of the project.


Video turnaround is longer, 3 to 5 months, it could be much sooner, but it may vary depending on the package you choose and the complexity of the project.

Do you offer drone footage?

Yes, we offer aerial cinematography as an optional add-on to our wedding video packages. It’s a great way to capture stunning views of your wedding venue and surroundings.

Do you provide editing services?

Yes, we offer post-production editing services to enhance the quality and aesthetic of your wedding video for
additional charge.

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